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Airtec Spraying Technology

Airtec Overview

The Airtec sprayer uses specially developed nozzles to combine air and agrochemical into droplets which behave in a completely different way from conventionally produced sprays.

Droplets produced in this way require far less water than solid water droplets which means using application rates of typically 70 litres/ha as opposed to 200 litres/ha with conventional systems. Less water means greater coverage per tank, less re-filling and higher outputs.


Each Airtec droplet contains tiny air bubbles which burst on impact to improve deposition and independent research work has shown retention of chemical to be far superior with Airtec.

Droplets are entrained into the crop in a curtain of air which helps the Airtec sprayer cut drift to just 10% of that from conventional sprayers in certain conditions. Producers spraying with Airtec enjoy a far wider application window than their conventionally-equipped counterparts. And with Airtec you can adjust water and air pressure on the move to produce exactly the right droplet spectrum for varying weather and crop conditions.

Advantages of using Airtec Twin Fluid Nozzles
  • More efficient chemical use
  • More effective weed & disease control
  • Easier combining
  • Fewer nozzle changes needed
  • Less refilling
  • Less downtime
  • Faster, safer working
  • Larger Yields & Larger Profits

Watch the Airtec Advantage Video (Video might take a few seconds to start)

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